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describe the response of a human body and its vibrations to music

I am currently working on my thesis. I have started it and need more research and help in finalizing my topic and making this paper sound professional and strong. Can you ask one of your strongest English writing tutors to help with my paper?

I have attached my work-in-progress paper along with a brief outline (10 Key points at top of paper). The paragraph in italics is my thesis statement.

Please work around it.

Please fill in mainly the research aspect of vibrations the way they work, the anatomical side of it, and whether research like this has been done or not, and if it has why it has failed or been avoided. It needs to focus on WHY this topic of music, the mind and the body is important in our everyday lives and HOW I can work on this idea to make a solid intervention.

This paper should be between 15-20 pages single spaced. This should NOT take longer than 1 day to be completed. I am in DESPERATE need of critical research so PLEASE help me.

Please add footnotes to the paper and a bibliogpraphy at the end.

Here is a link to a website that shows clearly of what I would like to prove. This video is only a supporting device, but it presents very well of what I believe is important. I want this thesis to prove why music is important, and how vibrations can enhance the overall experience with music. I want people to listen to music, not only with their ears, but also with their entire body.

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