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Answer the following problems.

problem1) Discuss the vector nature of orbital angular momentum for an electron using appropriate diagrams.

problem2) Derive the symbol for the ground state of hydrogen atom.

problem3) List different symmetry elements and symmetry operations.

problem4) Discuss the elements of symmetry present in NH3 molecule. What is its point group?

problem5) For a molecule having bond length 127.5 pm, find out

i) the reduced mass

ii) the moment of inertia and

iii) the value of rotational constant.

problem6) i) describe Horke’s Law.

ii) What is zero point energy?

problem7) Derive Vosc = 1/2π √k/m using Hooke’s law expression.

problem8) Draw the normal modes of vibration for CO2 molecule.

problem9) How will you distinguish between the following using IR spectra?

i) Alkene and Alkyne

ii) Aldehyde and ketone

iii) A primary amine and a secondary amine

problem10) describe the origin of Stokes, Anti-Stokes and Rayleigh lines according to quantum theory of Raman spectrum.

problem11) Discuss Born oppenheimer approximation.

problem12) Derive the term symbol for ground state of LiH.

problem13) find out CFSE for the following:

i) Ca2+

ii) Ti2+

iii) V2+

iv) Mn2+

v) Cu2+

problem14) describe charge transfer spectrum using suitable exs.

problem15) Draw Block diagram for the following:

i) Microwave spectrometer

ii) Raman Spectrometer

problem16) How is an nmr spectrum recorded? describe.

problem17) describe the origin of different peaks in nmr spectrum of ethanal.

problem18) Discuss the ESR spectrum of hydrogen atom.

problem19) describe Mc Lafferty rearrangement using suitable ex.

problem20) describe the origin of different peaks obtained the specral data of C6H8O.

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