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problem 1) What is Coulomb’s Law? Also prepare down its experimental verification in detail.   

problem 2) describe Gauss’s law and what do you know about its given applications.   

i) Gauss’s law in Cylindrical symmetry

ii) Gauss’s law in Planar symmetry

iii) Gauss’s law in Spherical symmetry.

problem 3) What is electric potential? Describe electric potential as electric dipole. Also describe electric potential due to charge distributions.   

problem 4) What are capacitors and dielectrics? Describe the capacity of parallel plate capacitors.   

problem 5) describe the behaviour of Gauss’s law in dielectrics. What is electric susceptibility? Compute the energy density of electrostatic field.   

problem 6)a) What is Biot Savart’s Law?

b) Describe Equation of Continuity.

c) Compute the field due to a straight and circular current.

problem 7)a)    Define and describe Ampere’s Law. What is Ampere’s Circuital Theorem?   

b) Compute field due to a solenoid and a toroid.     

problem 8) Discuss the following:   

i) Thermo electrically seedback

ii) Pelter’s and Thomson’s Effect

iii) Photovoltaic Effect

iv) Piezoelectric Effect

problem 9) Derive Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction and its differential form. Also describe mutual induction.

problem 10) Describve the following:   

i) Magnetization Vector

ii) Magnetic Energy Density

iii) Diamagnetism

iv) Para Magnetism

v) Ferromagnetism

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