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1)a) Is managing a science or an art ? describe.

b) Discuss briefly process of strategic planning.

c) Objectives, Policies, Procedures, Rules, Programs and budgets may be classified as aspects of the planning process. With exs, distinguish between these types of plans.

2)a) Discuss briefly the steps in the process of MBO ?

b) describe various “on the job” and “off the job” training methods followed in industries.

c) Differentiate between authority and responsibility.

3)a) With a neat sketch, describe the geographical departmentation.

b) List down the various skills and characteristics to be possessed by a leader in the organizations.

c) describe briefly the process of communication in organizations.

4)a) describe the different internal and external training approaches to manager development in organizations.

b) describe Maslow’s theory of motivation.

c) describe the Managerial Grid approach to Leadership developed by Blake and Mouton.

5)a) “The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished” – W. H. Whyte. What can be done to overcome illusion?

b) describe the Return on Investment control Differentiate between authority and responsibility. used for Overall performance control in organizations.

c) describe the nature of management style practiced in US.

6)prepare short note on the following :

a) Budget used as a tool of controlling.

b) Process of Planning.

c) Decentralization of Authority.

d) Line and staff functions.

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