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problem 1) Answer all the problems:

i) State right hand palm rule.

ii) What do you understand by free charge density and bound charge density

iii) What are polar and non-polar atoms? Give suitable exs also.

iv) State Gauss’s law for electrostatics and related maxwell’s equation.

v) A solenoid of diameter 4 cm, length 50 cm consists of 2000 turns. Compute its self inductance.

problem 2) describe magnetic susceptibility. prepare down the difference between magnetizing field H and magnetic field B.

problem 3) Derive the relations for current during charging and discharging of capacitor in an R–C circuit. Also give significance of time constant.

problem 4) How was the concepts of displacement current helpful in removing discrepancy in Ampere’s law? Prove that : V ≡ H=J+D

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