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problem 1)a) How Whittaker classify living organism into five kingdom?

b) Distinguish between vegetative cell and endospore.

c) Draw ray diagram of phase contrast microscope.

d) prepare down the characteristics of Pseudomonas.

e) Describe the term ‘Tumour Viruses’.

f) Draw neat labelled diagram of Penicillium species and give its importance.

problem 2)a) describe various methods used for preservation of microbial culture and give its significance.

b) Enlist various preservatives used in pharmaceutical formulations. Describe in detail preservative efficacy test.

problem 3) Answer the following:

a) describe in detail transmission electron microscopy.

b) What are actinomycetes ? prepare down its importance in antibiotic production.

c) describe the sequence of events occurs during Lytic cycle of bacteriophage.

problem 4) prepare a note on:

a) Antony Van Leeuwenhock

b) Dermatophytes

c) Ingredients susceptible to microbial attack

d) Rickettsia.

problem 5)a) Define:

i) D value

ii) Vaccine.

b) prepare note on ‘Brown’s tube’?

c) Enlist the test microorganisms used for Antibiotic assay.

d) Describe the term ‘Allergenic extracts’.

e) Distinguish between immediate hypersensitivity and delayed hypersensitivity.

f) Give the beneficial role of normal microbial flora of the human body.

problem 6)a) describe in detail Antigen-Antibody reactions.

b) What are different types of vaccines ? prepare the method for preparation of BCG vaccine.

problem 7) Answer the following:

a) Define sterilization. Describe in detail Gaseous sterilization.

b) How will you perform microbial assay of Vit. B12?

c) Describe in brief different types of immunity.

problem 8) prepare a note on:

a) Phenol coefficient method

b) Laminar air flow

c) Type II hypersensitivity

d) Complement system.

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