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describe identifying sentence patterns and recognizing there and It-Cleft.

Analyzing and Diagramming problems, There, It-Cleft


1. Where have you been hiding?

2. Shall we take the neighbor children with us?

3. Which assignment should be done first?

4. Who created that computer virus?

5. Should all of us be there at the same time?


6. There's one now.

7. The ambulance was there within five minutes.

8. Is there nothing left of that huge pizza?

9. Hasn't there been a lot of rain this summer?

10. There were several players seriously injured in Friday's game. Using the It-Cleft

11. Negative political ads turned off a great many voters in the last election. [Emphasize the subject.]

12. Sir Humphrey Davy invented the carbon arc lamp seventy years before Edison's first light bulb. [prepare two versions: emphasize the subject and emphasize the time.]

13. [2nd version]

14. Several small boats capsized off Point Loma during a storm last week. [prepare two versions: Emphasize the where adverbial; emphasize the when adverbial.]

15. [2nd version]

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