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problem1)(a) Draw a neat sketch of a standby magnetic compass and describe the principle of operation of a remote reading compass.

b) Define Magnetic North, Magnetic deviation, Magnetic dip.

c) State the various errors, one encounters in a gyro compass. How are they corrected

problem 2) Enumerate the various components that comprise of a multi-bogie ,multi-wheel landing gear system of a mega airliner .

b) Briefly describe

i) W O W Switch

ii) Landing Gear Position Indicators

iii) Automatic Brake Management

iv) Carbon Brakes

problem 3) prepare short notes on the following:

a) Octane Rating & Performance Number

b) Valve timings in IC Engine

c) Supercharging

d) Knocking and its relevance to compression ratio

e) Bypass Ratio

f) Compressor air bleed valves

g) Thrust Reversers

h) Thrust Vector Control

problem 4) Enumerate the various subsystems of an air-conditioning system and describe any one of them.

problem 5) prepare an essay on the airborne communication/Navigation systems normally equipped in an airliner class transport airplane.

problem 6) describe briefly:

a) Transformer rectifier units

b) Battery chargers

c) Protection devices in aircraft electrical system

d) Generator Control & Regulating Devices

e) More Electric Aircraft

f) Auxiliary Power Unit

g) Ni Cad Batteries

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