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Answer all the given problems.

problem 1: Discuss in detail different aspects of planning and budget included in setting up of Radiology services.

problem 2: Describe Store management, store keeping and log maintenance.

problem 3: prepare short notes on the following:

a) HIS.
b) Managing Accident and Emergency Department.

problem 4: describe in detail the different hospital infection control policy its role and main purpose.

problem 5: describe the principle of people management. Describe Motivation and Delegation.

problem 6: Describe the given below:

a) Medico-legal Cases.
b) Medical Negligence.

problem 7: Illustrate in detail Informed consent in clinical trials. Discuss methods for appropriate consent.

problem 8: What are the various components of clinical Audit? Describe each in detail.

problem 9: Discuss the liability of medical professionals and Para-medical staff.

problem 10: prepare short notes on the following:

a) Professional Identity, Power and Responsibility.
b) Equal Opportunities, User Perspective and Ethical Issues.

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