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problem 1: Determine the scattering parameters for a 10dB direction coupler. The Directivity D = 30dB. Assume that it is lossless and the VSWR at each port is 1.0 under matched conditions. Designate the ports in the main guide as 1 or 2 and the ports in the auxiliary guide as 3 and 4.
problem 2: Define a microwave junction. How can it be described by scattering matrix. Derive the scattering matrix relation between the input and output of an n X n junction starting with an analogy of a transmission line junction.
problem 3: describe how a Isolator can be realized from circulator?

problem 4: What is significance of scattering matrix and discuss the properties of scattering matrix?

problem 5: describe the E-plane Tee and H-plane Tee. prepare the scattering matrix?

problem 6: Describe the working of magic tee and prepare down the s-matrix? Describe any one applications of magic tee?

problem 7: What is meant by non-reciprocal devices and give exs? describe the isolator construction using Faraday rotation?

problem 8: How circulator cam be realized from magic tee?

problem 9: describe how magic tee can be used for obtaining sum and difference pattern.

problem 10: prepare short notes on:

a) Isolator.
b) Gyrator.

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