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Answer the following problems.

problem 1) prepare down laws of gravitational force.

problem 2) Describe the Surface Tension.

problem 3) Define Terminal Velocity.

problem 4) Briefly describe optical activity.

problem 5) What do you mean by diffraction?

problem 6) Describe Binding Energy.

problem 7) describe the uses of nuclear reactor.

problem 8) Define Demorgan’s Theorems.

problem 9) Derive the expression for direct impact of two smooth spheres.

problem 10) Describe the determination of rigidity modules by torsional oscillation.

problem 11) describe the detail about surface tension drop weight methods.

problem 12) Describe the principle and working of a sonometer. How the AC frequency is measured using sonometer?

problem 13) Describe with essential theory the Newton’s Rings method of measuring the radius of curvature of a lens.

problem 14) Describe the theory of Plane Transmission Gratings.

problem 15) prepare brief note on:

(a) Liquid drop model.

(b) Shell model.

problem 16) With the essential circuit diagram, describe the construction of OR-AND-NOT gates using discrete component.

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