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1) describe the term “q” in the distillation. Provide values of q for various feed conditions.

2) Describe various steps to determine the number of stages needed for distillation by using the Mc Cabe Thiele method.

3) Describe the Higbie’s penetration theory in the diffusion.

4) Describe the minimum and maximum reflux ratio.

5) Provide Rayleigh’s equation and describe the terms included in it.

6) Sketch a neat and clean diagram of bubble cap tray.

7) Gas consisting of 2% by volume solute A is feed into an absorption tower at rate of 0.35 m3/sec at 299 K and 106.658K Pa pressure. 95 % of original solute is eliminated by absorbing it in the solvent B. Solvent consisting of 0.005 mol fraction of solute go into the tower at top and exit the liquid stream from the absorption tower containing 0.12 mol A per mol B. Determine the flow rate of liquid solvent entering the tower.

8) A large tank filled with the mixture of gases A and B at 101 K Pa and 298 K is attached to other tank with A and B at 101 K Pa and 298 K. The tanks are connected by the tube of diameter 50 mm and 150 mm long. Determine the steady rate of transport of A through tube when concentration of A in one tank is 90 mol% and other is 5 mol%.

9) Sketch velocity v/s pressure drop within the packed column and illustrate flooding and loading point.

10) Describe the differential distillation.

11) Specify the various methods of distillation? Which one of them is best and why?

12) Discuss the optimum reflux ratio.

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