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problem 1)i) Describe the laws of refraction and reflection.

ii) A reflecting type telescope has a large mirror of its objective of focal length 100 cm. What is the magnifying power of the telescope, if the eye piece has a focal length of 10 cm?

iii) prepare down the functions of dielectric and describe them?

iv) Define Ohm’s law and give its mathematical form.

v) What are magnetic lines of force? Mention their properties.

vi) A conductor 100 cm long carries a current of 100 A at right angles to a uniform magnetic field of 1 wb/m

problem 2) Compute the force and power required to move the conductor at speed of 10 m/s in a plane at right angles to the magnetic field.

vii) Describe the atomic structure of germanium.

viii) What do you understand by three level laser? describe.

problem 3)a) Illustrate that when a plane mirror is rotated through an angle, the reflected rays turn through twice the angle.

b) Compute the magnifying power of a simple microscope of focal length 5 cm. Distance of distinct vision is 25 cm.

problem 4)a) Determine equivalent capacitance when three capacitors are connected in parallel.

b) What should be the capacitance of a capacitor which is to store a charge of 0.01 coulomb when the potential difference is 500 volts?

problem 5)a) Determine the equivalent resistance when three resistance are connected in parallel.

b) An incandescent lamp draws a current of 0.3A at 240 volt. Determine the resistance of lamp.

problem 6) Describe how a galvanometer can be converted in to an ammeter. Why an ammeter is always connected in series.

problem 7)a) Describe with the help of diagram fullwave bridge rectifier in detail.

b) Determine the distance of an unknown object from the earth, if laser beam take 5 second to return after reflection from it.

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