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answer the following problems

problem 1)a) prepare down the significance of ‘Chromatography’ in chemical analysis. How the chromatography is classified? What are the applications of gas chromatography and liquid chromatography?

problem 2) distinguish UV-VIS spectrometry and IR spectrometry. Also describe advantages of FTIR spectrophotometer over conventional IR spectrophotometer.

problem 3) Describe principle, construction and working of Quadrupole Mass spectrometer.

problem 4) prepare down principle, construction and working of NMR spectrometer.

problem 5) Distinguish Absorption spectrometry and Emission spectrometry with illustrations. Also discuss Absorption spectra and Emission spectra.

problem 6) Describe ‘Raman Effect’. Also describe Instrumentation for Raman spectrophotometer and its applications.

problem 7) Describe Bragg’s law in X-ray diffractometry. Also describe Instrumentation for X-ray diffractometer.

problem 8) prepare brief notes on the given terms:

a) Abbey refractometer.

b) Scintillation counter.

c) Potentiometry.

d) Hollow cathode lamp.

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