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problem1) Answer all the problems:

i) describe inertial frame of reference. Is earth an ex of inertial reference frame?

ii) prepare a brief note on length contraction.

iii) For a particle moving under the influence of a central force in three dimension. Demonstrate that the motion of the particle would be confined to a two dimensional plane.

iv) prepare down the Fuller’s equation for rotation in a general coordinate system. How would the equations transform if the coordinate axes become parallel to principle axes of inertia.

v) Mention perpendicular axis theorem with relevant mathematical relation.

problem2) Derive an equations of motion for Foucault’s pendulum.

problem3) Using Lorontz, transformation derive the rule of velocity addition.

problem4) describe Hooke’s law. Using Hooke’s law compute the equivalent spring constant of a system of two springs when they are attached:

(i) in series and

(ii) in parallel. Suppose that individual spring has spring constant k1 and k2.

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