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Answer all the problems described below:

problem 1: Define Longitudinal and Transverse Waves with exs.

problem 2: Briefly discuss the Transmission of Heat.

problem 3: Define the term direct proportion and its properties with illustrations.

problem 4: describe the features of Exponential Law.

problem 5: In brief discuss the working and uses of DC Generator.

problem 6: prepare in short about Kirchoff’s current law and Kirchoff’s Voltage Law.

problem 7: Describe the term Lorentz Force.

problem 8: prepare the disadvantages of a self Rectified Circuit.

problem 9: describe in detail regarding the Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum.

problem 10: Enumerate the common properties of X-Ray and Gamma Rays.

problem 11: describe shortly the units of Radiation measurement and the devices for Radiation measurement

problem 12: Enumerate fundamental characters of Dosimeter. Briefly discuss the classes of Dosimeter.

problem 13: prepare short notes on following:

a) Bremsstrahlung
b) Anode
c) Natural Radioactivity and Decay Series
d) Half Value Layer (HVL)
e) Electrometers
f) Principle of Thermoluminescent Dosimeters
g) TLD Badge
h) Radiation Protective Material
i) AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board)
j) Radiochromic film
k) Photo disintegration
l) Filters
m) Filament
n) Construction of Transformer
o) Ampere’s Law
p) Ohm’s Law

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