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problem 1: Convert the given quantities to SI units or US currency. Express each result by using both scientific notation and a SI prefix.

a) 5 million years.

b) 0.236 ounce of platinum.

c) Radiation with a wavelength of 0.0000236 inch.

d) The 250,000,000,000 SF assets of a bank in Zurich if the exchange rate is 1.45 SF/$.

e) Volume of a microbe with a diameter of 0.0000066 ft.

problem 2: 25.0 ft of copper wire with a diameter of 1.5 mm is measured out. Compute the volume of the wire in cm3 and its mass in g. Density of copper is 8.92 g/cm3.

problem 3: Joe, a technician in a refinery, decides to find out the density of a product with a scale which has a maximum capacity of ten ton however can only be read to the nearest ten pound (±10 lb). He loads an empty 10.0 gallon carboy in a truck and finds out that the truck and carboy weigh 5200 pound. He fills the carboy whereupon the scale reads 5290 pound. Compute the density of the product in g/cm3 from his data. His supervisor needs a result with a minimum precision of two significant digits. Will the supervisor be satisfied? How could Joe enhance his precision?

problem 4: Jill, an avid hiker, accidentally kicks a 0.025 pound pebble off a high cliff. It falls for 5.000 s. Alas, Jack is at the bottom and the pebble is moving at the speed of 1600 ft/s when it hits his crown. Compute the kinetic energy (1/2 mv2) of the pebble in Joule, the SI unit of energy, at the instant of impact.

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