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problem 1: Compute the Kepler’s constant for objects rotating around the sun given that the earth has a period of revolution around the sun of 3.16 x 107 s and an orbital radius of 1.49 x 1011 m.

problem 2: If a sun’s planet consists of a period of revolution of 7.82 x 109 s, how far is it from the sun?

problem 3: On the surface of Planet T, which has a mass of 7.90 x 1025 kg, an object has a weight of 112 N and a mass of 75.0 kg. Determine the radius of the Planet?

problem 4: An object (mass = 525 kg) is 3.0 x 103 km above the earth’s surface. This object is falling in the direction of the earth because of the earth’s gravitational force on it. Determine the rate of acceleration when it is at this distance?

problem 5: How far from the surface of the earth is the gravitational field strength 6.13 x 10-1 N/kg?

problem 6: Compute the gravitational field strength at a point in space where the weight of an object is 7.22 x 102 N and its mass is 1.10 x 102 kg.

problem 7: Determine the speed of an artificial satellite (m = 625 kg) which is placed in an orbit 1.00 x 106 m above the surface of a planet?

problem 8: An artificial satellite is put to orbit around the earth. If the radius of this orbit is 1.2 x 107m, how long will it take to make one revolution?

problem 9: An artificial satellite is put to a circular orbit around Jupiter (m = 1.90 x 1027 kg and r = 6.99 x 107 m). If this satellite has an orbital velocity of 3.12 x 104 m/s, how far above the surface of Jupiter is the satellite?

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