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problem 1)a) Which terms of series. 12 + 9 + 6 + ......... is equal to – 30

b) Determine the sum of following series:

8 + 4/2 + 4 + .........upto n terms

c) prepare down Difference between Arithmetic and Geometric progression.

d) Formula for computing compound. Interest half yearly.

e) Determine the sum of terms 1+ 3 + 5 + 7 + ............ + (2n – 1)

f) What do you mean by YTM.

g) Describe the difference between trade discount and cash discount.

h) If French Franc $ is 10.17/10. 20 and Swiss Franc $ is 1.73 and 1.75 Determine French Franc/ Swiss Franc rate

i) If the rupee dollar rate is 46/46. 15 and dollar pound rate is 1.71/1.74. What will be the rupee pound rate.

j) Show with an ex how mark up present based on cost find outd.

problem 2)(a) Determine the sum of series :

2 + 3+ 5 + 6+............ to 25 terms

(b) 72 + 70 + 68 + ..........+ 40

problem 3) B arranges to pay off a debt of Rs. 9600 in 48 annual instalments which form an arithmetic series. When 40 of these instalments are paid B becomes insolvent and his creditor funds Rs. 2400 still remains unpaid Find the value of each of the first three instalments of B ignore interest.

problem 4) The rate of monthly salary of a person is increased annually in AP. It is known that he was during Rs. 400 a month during the 11th year of his service and Rs. 760 during the 29th year. Find the starting salary and the rate of annual increment. What should be his salary at time of retirement just on completion of 36 years of service?

problem 5) At 10% per annum compound interest a sum of money accumulates to Rs. 8750 in 4 years. Find the sum invested initially.

(b) Describe the different causes of changes in exchange rate.

problem 6)(a) prepare detailed notes on:

(i) Chain rule (in course of exchange)

(ii) Introduction to foreign exchange.

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