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problem 1: A gymnast is jumping on a trampoline. She applies a force of 1000 N on the trampoline stretching it 1.5m. If her mass is 45 kg, what height above the trampoline will she reach?

problem 2: A stuntman drives a car off a cliff for a movie. The cliff is 35 m high and the car is traveling at 42m/s. How fast will the car be traveling when it hits the ground below? (Fear not the stuntman was not harmed).

problem 3: A heavy object is dropped from the top of a building. If this object hits the ground with a speed of 37.0m/s, then what is the height of the building?

problem 4: The main league pitcher winds up pitching exerting a force of 2000 N on the .350 kg baseball. If the final speed of the baseball is 56.3m/s, over what distance was the force applied.

problem 5: A roller coaster is traveling at 3.2m/s as it goes over a 42.0 m hill. How far above the ground is the coaster when it is travelling at 21.5m/s?

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