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problem 1: A crazed 4-year old on a tricycle is chasing Jordan. When the child hits Jordan his acceleration is 1.5m/s2 and his mass is 32 kg. What is the force applied on Jordan by the angry 4-year old?

problem 2: A Porsche 911 accelerates from rest to 27m/s (60mph) due north in 5.8s. This mass of the car is 1400 kg, what is the magnitude and direction of the average net force which acts on the Porsche?

problem 3: A force vector consists of a magnitude of 720 N and a direction of 38° north of east.  Find out the magnitude of the force north and east (determine the vector components).

problem 4: By using the diagram shown below find out the accelerations of the objects (mass 5.00 kg) relative to the x-axis.

1277_newton second law.jpg

problem 5: A 36.5 kg sphere is acted on by a 133 N force which is directed all along the positive x-axis. What should be the magnitude and direction of a second force in such a way that the sphere experiences an acceleration of 3.96m/s2 directed 21° above the x-axis?

problem 6: A streetlamp weighs 150 N. It is supported equally by two wires which form an angle of 120° between them.

a) Determine the tension on each wire?
b) If the angle is decreased to 90° between them, find out the new force does each wire exert?

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