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problem 1: A commercial airliner travels due west for 350 km then turns and travels at 240 km at 35.0o north of west. If this complete trip takes 2.5 hours, find out the velocity of the plane?

problem 2: While searching for survivors of a shipwreck a helicopter flies 86.0 km at 30o S of E then flies 95 km at 15o W of N. Find out the displacement of the helicopter?

problem 3: A bear chases a deer at 20m/s due north for 185 m, the bear falls down and the deer turns and runs past it, and hence the bear chases the deer another 83m south before catching it 9.48 seconds later. Find out the average velocity of the bear?

problem 4: By using the graph below, compute the total displacement of the object over the entire trip.


problem 5: Wiley Coyote runs horizontally off a cliff at 18.0m/s and hits the ground 120 m from the base of the cliff. Determine how tall is the cliff?

problem 6: A water balloon is launched from a bungee cord slingshot at a velocity of 22.0m/s at an angle of 30o above the horizontal. Determine, how far will it travel before it strikes its target?

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