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problem 1: A car is traveling at a velocity of 82 km/h 32° N of W.

a) Determine the west component of the velocity?
b) Determine the south component of the velocity?

problem 2: Find out the displacement of a student who walks 26 m east and then turns and walks 18 m south.

problem 3: A person walks 45.0 m south, turns and walks 21.0 m 23° north of west. Find out the displacement of this person.

problem 4: A sailor heads his boat north at a velocity of 9.5m/s of there is a wind blowing 4.0 m/s west, find out the velocity of the boat?

problem 5: A cannon is fired and the ball leaves the barrel at a velocity of 576 m/s at an angle of 34° from the horizontal.

a) What height does the cannonball reach?
b) How far away is the target the cannonball will hit?

problem 6: A golfer hits a ball horizontally from an elevated teebox that is 3.90 m off the ground. If the ball travels 123 m before it hits the ground, determine the horizontal velocity of the ball?

problem 7: A boat travels directly north across a river at a velocity of 2.0 m/s. If the river flows at a velocity of 0.75 m/s east, in what direction is the boat really headed? (Keep in mind that this means that the resultant is 2.0 m/s north, you must find out the other vector?

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