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problem 1: A car accelerates uniformly from rest to a velocity of 101 km/h east in 8.0 s. What is the magnitude of its acceleration?

problem 2: A car slows down uniformly from 30.0 m/s to rest in 7.20 s. How far did it travel while decelerating?

problem 3: A ball is thrown vertically to the air with a velocity of 20.0 rn/s. How long is the ball in the air?

problem 4: A heavy object was dropped from a helicopter when the helicopter is moving vertically upward at a velocity of 3.0 m/s. Supposing the helicopter was 75 m above the ground when the object was dropped, how long will it take the object to reach the ground?

problem 5: While travelling at 65 km/h north on a city street, you see the traffic light change to yellow. If your reaction time is 0.35 s, how far do you travel before you respond?

problem 6: A car, initially at rest, accelerates consistently for 5.0 s. If in this time the car travels 21 m east,

a) Find out the average velocity of the car?
b) Find out the velocity at the end of 5.0s?
c) Determine the acceleration of the car?

problem 7: A student throws a stone vertically downward with an initial velocity of 5.0 m/s from the top of a 165 m building. How far does the stone travel throughout its fourth second of travel?

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