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Description: You are needed to prepare a report to give to your lecturer.

You work for an accounting firm. Your supervisor told you to prepare a report on a new photocopier which the accounting firm can purchase. In addition to information regarding its hardware, software and user friendliness, he/she wants a recommendation on its suitability for the firm.

1) Introduction:

A. Purpose:
B. Background: make up some information about the photocopying requires of your firm
C. Methodology: describe the steps you took to gather information regarding the photocopiers

2) Discussion:

describe three different kinds of photocopiers. Comprise information on their features, cost, user friendliness and anything else helpful you can find. Make sure that you associate your discussion to the needs of the firm. You can find out this information on sites of photocopier companies, comprising Canon and Ricoh. You might as well read reviews of the different photocopiers.

3) Conclusion:

4) Recommendations: recommend one photocopier to be purchased.

You must base your report format on the sample report in chapter 5 (pages 172-189) of your Eunson text. You must comprise all parts of the report, comprising the letter of transmittal, title page, table of contents and the executive summary.

Book reference: (Title: Communicating in the 21st century, 3rd edn, (2012)
Author:     Eunson, B.
Publisher:     John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd, Milton, Qld
ISBN:     0470811064

Please see information in this guide on presentation. You should make sure that you have correct referencing. The Harvard referencing guide for KBS students is accessible on the portal.

Feedback: Comments and a mark will be returned to you in two weeks of submission.

Beneath is the feedback from which will be employed to offer you with your grade and summary feedback.

The assessment rubrics below set out the specific criteria that will be used to assess this task and descriptions of different levels of achievement for those criteria. The different levels of achievement for each criterion have a range of marks attached.

To improve your performance it is helpful to;

A) Review the indicators in the rubrics and make sure you understand these in terms of marker expectations:

• review marker feedback on your assessments
• review the relevant topics.

B) In reviewing the topics:

• look in detail at relevant exs 
• review relevant learning activities
• review required readings and further resources.

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