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Go to and download Ch 7.0.  You will need to click on “Ch Standard and Student editions free” then click the “Download Now!” button.  You will be asked to register with the site.  They will send you a confirmation email with a password (use your school email address), then you can log in to the site.  Follow the instructions from there.

 A) Command Mode

College life is tough.  Eating pizza for every meal is hitting you hard.  You are looking at working out to stay healthy.  You found a web site which tells you how many calories each exercise burns.  As a part of the planning, you require to find out how long it will take you to burn off your lunch.  A normal 14 inch pepperoni pizza has 2480 calories with 310 calories per slice.

For this part of the assignment, you would be using the Ch command-line interface.  Use the instructions given at the end of this portion of the assignment.

• Declare four floating point variable called Calories, Time, CPH and Slices. float Calories, Time, CPH, Slices;

• prepare the input statement for CPH and then (at the prompt) enter the value representing the average calories per hour the exercise burns.
cin >> CPH;

• prepare the input statement for Time and then (at the prompt) enter the value representing the total time you worked out.

• Determine the total amount of calories burned. Calories = Time * CPH;

• Determine the total number of pizza slices you can eat if you worked out for 2 hours. Slices = (CPH * 2)/310;

• Output the total calories burned and number of slices you could eat.
cout << “The total calories burned are ” << Calories << “ calories.” << endl;
cout << “The number of pizza slice you may eat are ” << Slices << endl;

B) Program Mode

• Open Notepad

• The first line should be the comment statement. Include your name in the comment.

• Save the file. Remember to save the work frequently.

• Type include statement that is required to facilitate input/output capabilities.

• The beginning of the code starts with the following statement: main ( ) {

• Enter your code after the opening curly bracket. Your code must contain the statements to do the following. Remember to close each line of code below with the semicolon.

a) Declare four floating point variable called CPH, Time, Calories, and Slices.

b) Output a brief phrase asking for the user’s calories per hour the exercise burns.

c) Input the calories per hour.

d) Output a short phrase asking for total timed the user worked out.

e) Input the time.

f) Determine the total calories burned at the time of the workout and the total pizzas you can eat.

g) Output the computed calories burned and number of pizzas you can eat.

• End your program code with the closing curly bracket.

• To run your program, type ./filename in the Ch command-line interface (dot forward-slash filename; the ch extension is not needed here)

• If you have error messages, note the cause of error indicated in each message and change your code to fix the problem(s).

• To make changes to your program, move back into Notepad, change the code, and save the file.

• To execute the program again, move back to the Ch window and use the up-arrow key to move the command ./filename to the current line.

• Don’t forget to save backup copies of all your work.

Academic Honesty

• The work you turn in is to be your work, not copied from someone else or from the web.

• Do not allow anyone access to your files

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