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Project Instructions:

You have to analyzed and discussed case studies and issues on key ethical issues in information technology. Now build your own framework for a code of ethics. You will refine your material, bring it altogether, give an overall rationale for your code, and give commentary for each part as a finished project.

Compile your research on existing codes of ethics and develop a code of ethics for information technologists. Use classical precepts and principles from ethical thinkers to justify each component of your code. This code of ethics must cover the key issues. Select one of the topics below:

A) Ownership of information. 
B) Preventing spam, email viruses and Denial-of-Service.
C) Computerized invasion of privacy. 
D) Developing policies for handling consumer information or Anonymity and identity. 
E) Plagiarism. 
F) Releasing buggy or imperfect software. 
G) Encryption Control Act.
H) Copyright Protection.

Project requirements:

Make a research paper which is 6–8 pages in length, excluding cover page, table of contents, and references. Your final paper’s content must synthesize course concepts and a review of supporting material; presents a general understanding of the selected topic. In addition, your paper must comprise:

Paper must comprise 5–7 references to existing sources to support points of position. Your sources can be from course texts or assigned readings.

All in-text citations and references are presented by using APA style and formatting guidelines. When completing your assignment, take a clear stand on whether a specific action or decision is right or wrong and then defend your position via the use of one or more of the practical ethical theories.

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