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Part I: You have been asked to prepare a computer program that will figure out the total of an order when given the amount of the order ($1000) and a sales tax rate of eight percent.  I want you to prepare the op codes and operands necessary to make this program run (Programming Assignment 2 has a list of all the op codes. Then prepare the visual basic script necessary for this program to run. Op codes are at the bottom of the last page.

Part II: For each of the following you will need to provide: a notepad file with the Problem Statement (Assumptions, Input, Calculations, Output), human algorithm,  a Flow chart .emf file using Visual Logic, and a JavaScript file using html kit (.htm file).

You have been tasked with writing a program for a hardware store. They sell home improvement supplies to employees, contractors and the general public. They have three different types of discounts. Employees get a 10% discount, orders over $800 get a 5% discount, and contractors get a 20% discount. A customer can get only one discount but they may be both an employee and a contractor (or neither)  so you want to be sure to give them the largest discount they have earned. The program will take in the total of the order, apply any discounts, apply 8% sales tax and come up with the final amount of the order. Customers over 90 years old do not have to pay sales tax. They want to see the amount of the original order, the amount of any discounts, the subtotal, the amount of tax (zero for old people) and the final amount of the bill.  Make sure you not only get the correct answer but your code is efficiently written. Don’t ask unnecessary problems and pay attention to how you nest your if statements.

TEST DATA that you can use to test your flowchart/code: (the age of the customer is in parentheses ():

1686_test data.jpg

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