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Assignment Requirements:

You are required, as part of a small team, to design a remote controlled buggy that can be made to move forwards, backwards and from side to side. The basic buggy and motors are provided. Your task is to design a remote control transmitter, receiver and motor drive circuitry that are to be used to control the buggy.


You will be required, as a group, to research the relevant background theory to remote control and motor control. Each student will be required to take an equal part in the research and to disseminate that knowledge to the other members of the group.

You will be required to present your project plan and progress at an Interim viva, here your planning,  presentation and communications skills will be assessed. Your group working qualities will also be assessed as part of the Interim viva.

You will be required to design and implement a suitable solution to the problem and present your results within an individual Project Report and a group presentation ( Final Viva).

Further advice and guidance is given below

The method of communication is for your team to decide. You may use ultra sonic, radio or infra red to convey the signals; each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For radio based applications your circuitry must be exempt from government legislation regarding radio/wireless transmission and use acceptable channel frequencies.

The buggy will have to be sufficiently controllable such that it can traverse the course shown below. Those buggies that are completed by the end of the project will be entered into a race, against the clock, where the fastest time to complete the course will win.

Buggies that are not complete will not necessarily mean that the student(s) will fail. This is a multi-faceted project and significant marks are allocated to other criteria, as specified in the assessment sheets provided.

In traversing the course the buggy must come to rest, temporarily, within a pre-defined area indicated, by the numbered squares shown. The course will allow for line-of-sight communication between controller and buggy. You may need to purchase some parts, however, you will be limited to £20 per person.

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