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problem 1: Another pizza problem. Carnivorous Carla only eats pizza if it has at least three of the following ingredients: ham, pepperoni, salami, italian sausage, bacon. You have the function contains() to check whether a certain ingredient is on the pizza. prepare a brief list of instructions (pseudocode) to find out whether Carla will eat the pizza.

problem 2: prepare out a detailed plan for a program to find out the largest value in an array that is smaller than a ceiling C. For illustration, assume that the array has the values {4, 14, 11, 100, 6} and C = 12. The program must report 11 as the answer.

problem 3: prepare out a detailed plan for a program to reverse the order of an array. For illustration, if the array contains the elements {0, 99, 7, 4}, then after reversal it will contain {4, 7, 99, 0}.

problem 4: You previously wrote a program to draw a cow. Now, draw a cow standing amongst the grass, with (say) 500 blades of grass. Each blade of grass must be a separate random green line. Do all your drawing in the draw() loop. (Do not turn off the loop, either.)

problem 5: prepare a program to check whether a car will crash. There is an obstacle at a certain distance (say 100 m) and the car is travelling at a certain speed (try it with some various speeds). The user hits the brakes after 0.5 seconds, applying a deceleration of 5 m/s^2. Draw the progress of the car and report whether it stopped safely or hit the obstacle.

problem 6: prepare a program to display some data in bar graph form. Have at least 20 elements, that can be positive or negative; draw each element with a vertical bar, going up if the data is positive or down if the data is negative. Once you have displayed the bar graph, allow a user to choose a given element by cycling via the data with keys (e.g., 'a' to move left, 's' to move right) and print the exact value of the selected bar. Show the present selection by highlighting its bar somehow (ex: drawing a thick outline around it).

problem 7: prepare a program to display ten buttons with five possible colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue. When the user clicks on a button, its color should advance to the next color, or go back to red if it was blue. Your buttons can be rectangles or ellipses (circles), depending on what you find simpler.

problem 8: prepare a program to display 20 ellipses which move away from the mouse pointer. Their initial locations must be random.

problem 9: Modify your solution to #8 so that if an ellipse is touched by the mouse, it turns permanently green. Bonus: a green ellipse stops moving, however recovers after 5 seconds, returning to its old color and regaining its ability to move.

problem 10: Implement a "lunar lander" simulation. The lander will fall according to gravity, but by firing the rockets (press spacebar) you can slow its fall (accelerate upwards). If the lander touches the ground with less than a certain speed, it landed safely, otherwise it crashed.

Allow rockets to fire side to side also, and have a "safe landing" zone, where landing outside the safe zone counts as a crash.

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