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1) prepare down the pseudo code for merge sort algorithm and using bellow array values perform the merge sort algorithm. Provide all the steps and describe them.

8  2  9  7  3  10  2  5

2) prepare down the pseudo code for selection sort algorithm and using bellow array values perform the selection sort algorithm. Provide all the steps and describe them.

28  75  93  12  8  55  71  34  47  83

3) Consider the values for the array L = {2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20} and Implement a binary search on an ordered array. Compare the number of key comparisons and prepare down all the necessary steps to search values 3, 18 and 1 using binary search.


A) Following data is inserted to a binary tree. Draw the binary tree after inserting data and describe the inserting methodology.

77  94  41  112  155  21  56  99  47  83

B) Print the data that you have inserted in part (A) in the following strategies.

•    Inorder
•    Preorder 
•    Postorder

C) What are the facts you should take into consideration when deleting a node from a binary tree. describe clearly for different situations with exs.


You are required to prepare a menu driven program which will maintain a list of car models, their price, name of the manufacturer, engine capacity etc., as a doubly linked list. The menu should make provisions for inserting information pertaining to new car models, delete obsolete (outdated) models, and update data such as price besides answering queries such as listing all car models within a price range specified by the user and listing all details given a car model.

1) Design the algorithms that required in above scenario. 
2) Implement the above program with the required algorithms by using an executable programming language (Java/C++).
3) Provide evidence and solutions for error handling during software implementation.
4) Carry out testing on implemented solution and provide evidence by including suitable screenshots.


1) Identify a method to count and record the number of occurrences of each vowel in uppercase or lowercase in any given paragraph. describe it.

2) Implement an algorithm to achieve above describeed method using suitable programming language. Paragraph is given below.

“A data structure is an arrangement of data in a computer's memory or even disk storage. An ex of several common data structures are Arrays, Linked Lists, Queues, Stacks, Binary Trees, and Hash Tables. Algorithms, on the other hand, are used to manipulate the data contained in these data structures as in searching and sorting. Many algorithms apply directly to a specific data structures.” Output must print the following lines, inserting the number of appearances of the vowel in lowercases and uppercases, and the total appearances.

A: __ Lowercase , __ Uppercase , __ Total
E: __ Lowercase , __ Uppercase , __ Total
I : __ Lowercase , __ Uppercase , __ Total
O: __ Lowercase , __ Uppercase , __ Total
U: __ Lowercase , __ Uppercase , __ Total

3) Identify different methods to reverse a String. describe all the identified methods.

(Note: student should describe at least two different methods and student can use any data structure to reverse a String value)

4) Implement a method to reverse any String Value by using String operations and String manipulation. 

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