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problem 1:

a) prepare the full form of the given abbreviations:

•    VDU
•    EPROM
•    RAM
•    CPU

b) Distinguish between primary and secondary memory.

c) Describe the role of operating system in a computer.

d) What do you understand by the term BYTES?

problem 2:

a) describe different ‘Secondary Storage devices’.
b) List out the input devices and output devices.
c) Describe the function of ‘Control unit’ in the Central processing unit of a computer.
d) Enlist various types of control and functional keys on the keyboard.

problem 3:

a) Describe ‘Control Box’ in a window, giving a neat sketch.
b) prepare the names of Common Accessory applications. In addition prepare steps to access each of them.
c) Describe the role of Window Explorer in a computer.
d) prepare down steps to rename a file or a folder.

problem 4:

a) prepare down steps of changing font size of text in MS Word.
b) prepare steps of ‘Bulleting the text’ in MS Word in a, b, c format.
c) Describe, in brief, creating a document via template in MS Word.
d) prepare steps of changing Color of text in MS Word.

problem 5:

a) prepare all the steps to print a MS Word document.
b) How can you insert header and footer in a MS Word document?
c) In brief describe the ‘Different layout’ option in the MS Word.
d) What is the usefulness of ‘Print Preview’ option? From which menu can you access it?

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