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problem1) Answer all the problems.

(i) prepare down difference between analog & digital computer.

(ii) What is universal serial bus?

(iii) describe switch and switch circuit.

(iv) Distinguish between LCD & CRT monitor.

(v) Differentiate cache memory & virtual memory.

problem2) Prove the following:-

(i) a + (b + b1) + b =1

(ii) (a + b. c)1  a1 (b1 + c1)  

(iii) a. (b .c) . c1 =0

problem3) What do you mean by operating system. describe 5 key function of operating system.

problem4) Briefly describe the following:-

(i) Cache memory & its type

(ii) RISC & CISC characteristics      

problem5) Answer all the problems.

(i) What do you mean by expansion card?

(ii) What is the difference between motherboard & daughterboard?

(iii) Differentiate between system software & application software.

(iv) What is real time operating system?

(v) prepare down the difference between syntax & execution error?

problem6) What is a micro processor? prepare a brief note on evolution of microprocessor in detail.

problem7) Define logic gate? Describe the circuit of each gate with truth table.

problem8) Describe 5 internal & 5 external commands in DOS.

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