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prepare an application that accomplishes the following tasks:

1) Read a text file that contains, integers, doubles, alphabet, alphanumeric, and others. The name of the input file should be entered as a command-line argument.

2) All other files should also be entered as command-line arguments. For ex, you may include the following:

data6.txt  integersOut.txt doubleOut.txtalphabeticOut.txt alphanumericOut.txt othersOut.txt

3) Check each token you read and save in the appropriate type of ArrayList.  

4) prepare each type of lists to a separate output text file with appropriate header with 6 values per line separated by tabs or spacing.

5) prepare the average values of integers and doubles to the appropriate files

6) prepare the longest token of the alphabet, alphanumeric, and others to the appropriate file.

7) Extra:

I) Document your classes

II) Include Exception handling

III) Indent code inside classes and methods

IV) Keep the methods short and simple. Break long methods by using supporting methods.

V) Name the driver

VI) Zip your report, and classes in a file named with your last name

VII) Hint: You may use the String matches() method.

Data6.txt sample input file:

CS Math1111 CS1302A  Spring

VSU Valdosta Georgia

123  4567

-2.5   +100.75   -1234.567.3456  --1234

Is it Thanksgiving?  No!!

Integers:              123         4567

Double:                -2.5        +100.75

Alphabet:            CS           Spring   VSU  Valdosta State University Georgia   Is it

Alphanumeric:  math1111            CS1302

Others: -1234.567.3456  --1234   Thankdgiving?  No!!


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