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problem 1)a) prepare an algorithm to convert a fully parenthesized infix expression to its prefix form and also describe with the following ex.

( a * b + (c / d * e ^ f )/ g ) / h * i

b) Differentiate between arrays and linked lists.

problem 2)a) prepare a function to insert a node between two consecutive nodes with information fields x and y respectively in a singly linked list.

b) prepare the following functions for a circular queue.

i) cqinsert( )

ii) cqdelete()

iii) cqdisplay()

problem 3)a) prepare a recursive function to solve Tower of Hanoi problem with problem statement. 

b) Define the following terms associated with Trees with proper exs:

i) Strict Binary Tree

ii) Complete Binary Tree

iii) Binary Search Tree

problem 4)a) What are AVL trees? Show how AVL trees are beneficial with exs.

b) What is hashing? Describe various collision resolving techniques with exs.

problem 5)a) prepare a function to delete all occurrences of a particular key from a double linked lists.

b) Sort the given set of numbers using quick sort showing clearly the different steps involved in sorting & also prepare the function.

50, 25, 30, 75, 100, 45, 80, 97 ,53.100

problem 6)a) Describe three different graph representations, their advantages and disadvantages with appropriate exs.

b) prepare the following functions.

i) To count number of leaf nodes in a binary tree.

ii) Recursive preorder traversal for a binary tree.

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