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problem1. You have been asked to design and execute a chat application. Which protocol would you employed TCP or UDP?  Justify your answer.

problem2. Illustrate why multithreading is preferred to single thread in client-server application?

problem3. What do you understand by the term socket? Why sockets are significant?  Why a port assignment is essential throughout the creation of a socket?

problem4. Describe how a client Socket is used in Java? Java codes may be employed to your answer but they aren’t mandatory.

problem5. prepare a Java program to create a client based on TCP protocol. Add comments to your program to illustrate the instructions you are using.

problem6. Illustrate what is RMI?

problem7. Draw a diagram showing the dissimilar parts of Java RMI architecture.

problem8. What is the function of RMI security manager and RMI registry?

problem9. What is object server?

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