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problem 1: Design a program which must accept any text file and print the data of that file in reverse order?

problem 2: Design a generic template that can swap any kind of values.

problem 3: prepare an algorithm which must sort Generic type of data?

problem 4:

a) What’s the deal with operator overloading?    
b) What are the advantages of operator overloading?

problem 5: prepare a C ++ program by using stack ADT which reads an infix expression, converts the expression to postfix form and computes the postfix expression.

problem 6: prepare a program that gives the Constructor and copy constructor for chain.

problem 7: prepare a method in C++ to join two doubly linked lists into a single doubly linked list. In a join the elements of second list are appended to end of first list.

problem 8: Define the Abstract data kind for Queue. prepare a C ++ program to implement the Queue ADT by using arrays.

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