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problem 1) ____ receives data from user and sends them to computer:

A. Output device
B. Processor
C. Input device
D. Main Memory

problem 2) ___ are keyboards used in fast food restaurants and supermarkets:

A. Standard Keyboard
B. QWERTY Keyboard
C. Multimedia Keyboard
D. Non-standard Keyboard

problem 3) Keyboard consists of 5 major parts namely: typepreparer keyboard, function keys, numeric keypad, navigation keys and _________:

A. Soft keys
B. Special keys
C. Direct keys
D. Input Keys

problem 4) The optical mouse:

A. Has a rotating ball on its underside
B. Uses infra-red waves to communicate with the system unit
C. Senses and emits light to detect mouse movements
D. None of the above

problem 5) The ____ is like the upside down mouse, whereby the ball is rotated by the user:

A. Tracker ball
B. Joystick
C. Touchpad
D. Pointing stick

problem 6) Which reader can be used to read information from credit card?

A. Barcode Reader
C. Magnetic Stripe Reader
D. Magnetic Ink Character Reader

problem 7) _____ is technology of recognising individual characters on printed page, so they can be edited as text:


problem 8) ____ contain holes in different position that mean something when they are read by a reader:

A. Kimball Tag
B. Perforated Card
C. Slot Card
D. Punched Card

problem 9) CRT stands for:

A. Common Ray Technology
B. Cathode Ray Tube
C. Common Relay Tube
D. Cathode Relay Tube

problem 10) Which of the following is the impact printer?

A. Dot Matrix Printer
B. Inkjet Printer
C. Laser Printer
D. All of the above

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