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problem 1)a) What do you mean software. Also describe the main kinds of software with their significance, usability, and interfacing capabilities.

b) What is the relationship between operating system, system software, and application software? What are their major objectives?

problem 2) What do you understand by a programming language? What are the major types of programming languages? Describe at least three languages in detail.

problem 3) What are the three main categories of optical laser disks? describe at least two applications where rewritable optical laser disks would be preferred over hard disks for storage.

problem 4)a) What do you understand by a computer virus? What are the major types of computer viruses which harm software and hardware?

b) What are the four fundamental components of a personal computer system?

problem 5)a)    What are the functions of the Control Unit, and Arithmetic and Logic Unit?

b) Distinguish between static RAM and dynamic RAM.

problem 6)a) What do you understand by point and draw devices? List and describe them briefly.

b) Which kind of OCR scanner is designed to read documents of varying sizes?

problem 7)a) All commercial spreadsheet packages manipulate rows and columns of data in a similar manner. What makes one spreadsheet package more desirable than another?

b) What is the relationship between a field, a record, and the structure of a database?

problem 8)a) Describe the conditional formatting and advance filtering features in MS-Excel with appropriate exs.

b) describe the features of application, document and dialog windows with the help of appropriate exs.

problem 9) What is control panel? Describe the most important utilities provided by control panel for computer management and security.

problem 10) Describe the significance of email in our society. Give ideas for effective usage of email for educational and research development.

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