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problem 1) prepare down the between RAM and ROM.

b) What are mainframe and super computers?

c) prepare down the advantages of e-mail over traditional mail?

d) What do you mean by bit and byte.

e) What are the different features of Object Oriented programming language?

f) prepare down the merits and demerits of magnetic tape.

g) What is the radix of hexadecimal and octal number system? Give suitable ex.

h) What is binary and octal number system? Give suitable ex of each.

i) What is hardware and software? Give suitable exs.

problem 2) Draw and describe the block diagram of computer system.

problem 3) Describe any two input and any two output devices.

problem 4) Describe the history of Internet. What are the different services of Internet?

problem 5) What is MS-Excel? Describe its structure. What are its different uses?

problem 6) What is meant by a language translator? Describe various types of language translators. Give merits and demerits of each.

problem 7) Convert the following:

i) (10101001)2 = (?)10

ii) (2471)10 = (?)2

iii) (ABC)16= (?)10

iv) (2471)10= (?)16

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