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1) What is Computer System? Describe different components of Computer.

2) What is requirement of memory in computer system? Describe the memory hierarchy.

3) What is printer? Compare different kinds of printers.

4) Suggest an appropriate operating system (s) for the following activities:

• Web Application Development

• Multimedia Development

• Database Management

Identify the needs on operating system for the above situations.  Give reasons in support of your choice.               

5) What is an E-mail? Describe components of E-mail.    

6) What is computer virus? Describe process of removal of computer virus from a virus infected machine.                

7) Describe how you would handle following problems:

(i) You have to recover the deleted file.

(ii) You have to remove software from your system.

(iii) You require to share a newly created folder with other users.

(iv) The response time on your disk is slow.

(v) You are require to change video mode video mode of your monitor.

(vi) You wish to know the IP address of your computer system.

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