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Q1. Describe the different data structures which are used in one-pass macro-processor.

Q2. What do you meant by memory allocation? Distinguish between the static and dynamic memory allocation scheme.

Q3. What do you mean by the term expression tree? Sketch an expression tree for the string f+(x+y)*((a+b)/ (c-d)) and describe the evaluation order.

Q4. Illustrate the goal of advanced macro facility? Describe the two features to facilitate the alteration of flow of control throughout macro expansion.

Q5. Describe the code generation throughout different stages of the compilation.

Q6. Illustrate the factors to be considered while deciding between the one-pass and multi-pass compiler design?

Q7. prepare detail notes on any four of the given:

a) Stack based allocation model
b) Parameter passing mechanisms
c) Lex
d) Chomsky hierarchy of grammar
e) Categories for text editors

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