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Q1. What do you mean by dependency graph? Describe WAW, RAW and WAR dependencies.

Q2. prepare down a parallel algorithm for the odd-even transposition sort, to sort an array of n elements on linear array having n processors. Describe the cost of algorithm.

Q3. Describe the temporal, data and control parallelism with illustrations.

Q4. For the given sequence of instructions:

a) S1: A = B + C
b) S2: B = A + E
c) S3: D = A * F
d) S4: G = I / F + A
e) S5: H = B – D
f) S6 if D = 3
g) S7 K= G * 2 + I

Construct the dependence graph and apply Bernstein’s condition to show the sets of instructions that can be executed in parallel.

Q5. find out the speedup in execution of the given computation: A × B + C

With chaining and without chaining, on a vector processor with two pipeline functional units, one for floating point multiply and other for add, which are seven phases and six phases long correspondingly. Let us assume that A, B and C are three vectors each of 64 elements.

Q6. What do you mean by Systolic Array Processors? How it is distinct than SIMD and pipelined processors?

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