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problem 1) prepare down the name of different components of an expert system.

problem 2) What are the kinds of expert system?

problem 3) List the types of problems solved by existing expert systems.

problem 4) What are different knowledge acquisition techniques?

problem 5) List different expert system implementation tools.

problem 6) Why is it significant that Expert system is able to describe the why and how problems related to a problem solving session?

problem 7) prepare down the steps in an expert system development process?

problem 8) What do you mean by semantic nets?

problem 9) How the expert systems are different from the knowledge-based systems?

problem 10) Consider a simple fully connected neural network containing three input nodes and single output node. Inputs of the network are eight possible binary patterns 000,001,...,111. Determine weights wi, for which the network can distinguish between the inputs by producing 3 distinct outputs.

problem 11) describe how suitable reasoning is performed using Fuzzy sets.

problem 12) Describe a simple model of expert system architecture with the expert system.

problem 13) Describe the expert system shell ‘expertsys’ in detail.

problem 14) Describe sensor data capturing technique in detail.

problem 15) Describe different learning, planning and exploration methods in an Expert systems.

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