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Q1. Compare and contrast the different parameter passing methods in terms of execution efficiency and power to generate side effects.

Q2. What do you mean by language processor? Describe its different categories.

Q3. Define the term loading and linking. In brief describe the role, merits and demerits of an absolute loader.

Q4. Describe the static and dynamic memory allocation models of the memory allocation. What do you mean by automatic and program controlled allocation?

Q5. List out the tasks performed by the analysis and synthesis phases of the assembler.

Q6. prepare down one linear and one non-linear search data structures. describe the implementation of the three fundamental operations for each of them.

Q7. prepare detail notes on any four of given:

a) Lexical substitution throughout macro expansion
b) Recursive-descent parser
c) Yacc
d) Features of stack-based allocation method
e) Redefinable symbols

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