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a) What do you mean by the term back propagation learning? Describe forward pass and backward pass in conjunction with the back propagation learning. Shall it be termed as unsupervised learning? describe why?

b) What do you mean by Hopfield Network? Can it be possible to utilize Hopfield Network for the error correction? Validate your answer with an illustration.

c) Illustrate the stages of the Adaptive Process of Self-Organizing Map (SOM)? describe these.


a) How can Fitness functions be found for any optimization problem? Describe, in detail, Fitness Function in the Genetic algorithm.

b) Describe the effects of selection, crossover and mutation in the evolutionary computation. How is the population influenced by the use of each one of such operators?

c) Illustrate the meaning of the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)? Describe PSO algorithm.

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