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Q1. In a circular queue illustrate the conditions which distinguish between the empty queue and full queue. As well describe the demerits of implementing queue (non circular) by using array.

Q2. Make a binary tree for the given post-order and in-order traversal sequences.

Post-order: GHDIEBFCA

Q3. Make a B tree of order 5 for the given sequence of data. As well illustrate the tree after deletion of 106 from the tree constructed.

87, 140, 23, 62, 74, 90, 100, 106, 152, 186, 194, 102

Q4. What do you mean by adjacency list representation of a graph? Describe with the help of an illustration. As well prepare its merits over the adjacency matrix representations of graph.

Q5. What do you mean by threaded binary tree? prepare its merits over binary tree.

Q6. prepare down a recursive algorithm which determines the height of the binary tree.

Q7. prepare down a function that deletes the last element of the singly linked list. 

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