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problem1) What are Software Technology Parks (STPs)? What is their role? describe

problem2) prepare the descriptive note on Computer Memory

problem3) What are the various communication channels generally used in networking? Describe each in detail. Distinguish between synchronous and asynchronous communication.   

problem4) describe the following terms:

i) Types of Data Processing

ii) e-Commerce Framework

iii) Buses and Registers

iv) System Softwares


Case Study:

Database Technology Used to Improve Airport Security

Transportation Security Administration is evaluating various approaches to harness database technology in its efforts to improve airport security.  Unfortunately, any such system might require airlines to invest in extra information systems technology – at a time when they are suffering from a lack of revenue one major airline has already declared a bankruptcy.

One idea is to develop a database system which links every airline reservation system in the country with the number of private and government databases.  Data mining and predictive analysis will be used to sort through personal travel histories, the backgrounds of passengers aboard particular flights, and the wealth of other data to assign numerical threat ratings to individuals.  Warnings will be sent electronically to workers at airport screening locations to inspect individuals with high threat ratings more closely.

Another approach will allow pre-screened “trusted travellers” to pass through airport security checkpoints quickly, avoiding long lines and congestion,  This system will devote more time and resources to screening other travellers whose level of risk is higher or unknown.  Those who apply for the “trusted traveller” program will have to pass a background check using data from variety of state and federal databases.  Once at the airport, “trusted traveller” passengers will be identified, perhaps by scanning their fingerprints or retinas or requiring some form of identification card.  (The federal government is considering developing a security ID card for airline passengers that will rely on biometric identification and be linked to government database).  The system will also cross-check the passenger’s identification with FBI’s watch list database and a federal passenger profiling system known as Computer Assisted Passenger Screening.  Provided everything was clear, they can then proceed to his or her airplane using expedited security check in procedures.


Case problems:

a) Which approach is best in terms of improving airport security: assigning the threat rating to individuals or pre-screening individuals to identify “trusted travellers”?  Why do you think this approach is best?

b) Identify specific data that can be used to assign numeric threat ratings to individuals.  describe how system will work.

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