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Answer the following problems.

problem 1) prepare detailed note on Advanced the Shell.

problem 2) Describe the History of Unix.

problem 3) prepare brief notes on GDB comments.

problem 4) What are the requirements of Programming Maintenance tools?

problem 5) Describe GOTO Statement.

problem 6) Compare Break and Continue Statements.

problem 7) Describe Character arrays.

problem 8) prepare a detailed note on Pointers to functions.

problem 9) Describe Binary mode I/O functions.

problem 10) Describe in detail Declaration of Structure

problem 11)(a) prepare brief note on Operating System.

(b) Describe in detail Text Processing.

problem 12)(a) Describe the Unix directory system of files.

(b) prepare a note on debugging tools.

problem 13) Describe in detail

(a) Data types.

(b) Programming styles in C.

problem 14) Describe Dynamic allocation of memory and Storage Classes.

problem 15) Describe:

(a) Linked list.

(b) Queue and Stack.

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