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problem 1)a) What is multimedia? Describe building blocks of multimedia along with uses of multimedia.

b) Describe the features of User interfaces. Describe any one user interface.

problem 2)a) What is streaming? How it is useful in multimedia application development? List the protocols use in streaming.

b) Describe how windows support the multimedia application in terms of Software and Hardware.

problem 3)a) Describe BMP file format in detail.

b) Describe what do you mean by Image Enhancement? Describe the concept of spatial filtering.

problem 4)a) What is JPEG Compression? Describe various modes of JPEG compression and corresponding variations in the steps of JPEG.

b) Describe the process of image acquisition and the devices involved in it.

problem 5)a) What are the objectives of MPEG-4 standard? With the help of abstract model, describe the audio encoding using MPEG standard.

b) Describe the fundamental characteristics of the Audio. What factors decide quality of sound?

a) What is MIDI? Compare MIDI sound with digital sound.

b) Describe wave file format of audio storage. Also give different audio file formats.

problem 7)a) What do you understand by lossy and lossless compression? Compress the string <> using LZW text compression technique.

b) What are the limitations of CD-ROM technology? What are its advantages over DVD?

problem 8)a) Compute the capacity of a CD-DA, which has a 74 min play time. The sound stored on CD-DA is a stereo, 16-bit linear quantified at 44.1 KHz sampling rate.

b) Compare NTSC, PAL and SECAM broadcasting standards.

problem 9)a) Describe the features of VRML 2.0 using exs.

b) Describe Charge Coupled Devices used in VR applications.

problem 10)a) Describe design of Virtual Reality chair used in VR-Applications.

b) What do you understand by 3D sound? How does a human being determine the position of a sound source?

problem 11)a) Distinguish between 2D and 3D animation. Also describe kinds of Animations.

b) prepare short notes on:-

i) Kinematics

ii) Morphing.

problem 12)a) describe principles of animation with ex.

b) describe the full process of animation using ex.

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